A Tale of Two ‘Welsh’ Summits

Having postponed my planned trip to the Lakes (due to an awful weather forecast), I decided to spend a couple of days back in the ‘Brecons’.

I arrived at the parking area (51.947; -3.223) at the col between Mynydd Troed (GW/SW-009) and Mynydd Llangorse (GW/SW-015) just after midday and decide to activate the smaller peak (Mynydd Llangorse) first.


After a short gentle assent I reached the summit and found a nice spot to set up the dipole. It was the first time using the new SOTABeam mini pole (4.1m) rather than the heavier 7m Sotapole. To my delight the dipole still seemed to work well, with 8 QSOs on 40m and 4 on 20m (including a S2S with OE/JO9IPF).


After a brief encounter with a group of wild horses and a quick sandwich at the car, I headed off up the higher, and very much steeper Mynydd Troed.

By the time I reached the summit the weather had started to change and the rain came down. I therefore made the decision to initially set up the 2m dipole with the handheld.


Fortunately the rain eased and after 7 contacts on VHF (including a S2S with GW4AZS) I once again set up the HF dipole on the minipole; this yielded 7 QSOs on 20m and only one on 40m. With the threat of more rain, I quickly packed up and headed down to the car.

Capture Capture2


  • Two great summits to activate together (easy 6 points!)
  • The shorter, and very much lighter, minipole (4.1) for the HF dipole seemed to work fine on both 20 and 40m

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