Frustration! Craig y Llyn GW/SW-010

27th May 2015

After managing to find my way back to civilisation from the back roads around Fan Nedd, I headed to the Car Park at 51.716N; 3.555W to make my way up Craig y Llyn. I found the car park easily but there was a slight problem… it was closed off! I carried on the A4061 and found another car park half a mile further along the road (51.713N; 3.560W). Carrying just the VHF gear, I headed in the general direction (using the GPS app on my phone) of GW/SW-010.


Initially I headed down a beautiful waterfall but realised I need to be on the other side of the stream. Having gingerly made it across I then had a very steep climb to make before heading towards the summit. Once at the top of the waterfall hill, I realised this was not going to be an easy route to my destination. With no discernible paths I made my way through a wood of small ‘Christmas’ trees, many of which had been cut down and left on the ground; this made movment very difficult and quite dangerous in places (my GPS told me I had about a mile of this!)… I persevered!


Eventually I made it to a service road that would take me up towards the summit. Having finally found the trig point, I set up the VHF dipole and ‘spoted’ myself and called… and waited… and called some more… and waited. I was starting to get very frustrated and the weather was starting to turn.

I decided to move away from the trig point (in the trees) into a moreIMG_2449 copy open area. This worked slightly better as I managed a contact with GW6OVD and a S2S with MW0HGY/P. With the summit now activated, I was now concerned I might not get my 4 points! After ‘announcing’ myself on 145.500 I managed 2 more quick QSOs before the heavens opened and I packed up and head for the car, frustrated and wet, but content that I did actually (just) secure the points!



  • stick to recognised paths, if possible!
  • not the greatest SOTA experience, a lot of frustration for 4 points!

73 Chris GW1PCR


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