First VHF Activation on Pen y Fan GW/SW-001

26th May 2015

Due to the popularity and sheer number of people making the accent to the highest summit in South Wales, I made the decision to only take the VHF gear (Dual band Handheld and Sotabeam multi-function dipole). This was a slight risk as I hadn’t tested this equipment ‘in the field’ as yet!

The climb was long and busy with people but the path is well-defined and the views spectacular. After incorrectly assuming Corn-Ddu was the actual summit and stopping for a well needed rest, I headed the short distance to the ‘real’ summit! As I predicted it was packed with people and so I took myself slightly away towards the North West edge of the plateau and set up the 2m dipole.

Once again I ‘spotted’ myself using the SMS service and also announced myself on 145.500 Mhz, then waited with anticipation for my first VHF SOTA activation. I needn’t have worried… within 20 minutes I had made 10 contacts including a S2S with GW4AXS/p.

IMG_2440 copy  

This is not the best hill for SOTA activations due to the amount of people on the summit, but it was nice to know the VHF gear worked well.



  • I wouldn’t try HF with the amount of people around but 2m FM was good
  • Amazing views and an easy 8 points!

73 Chris GW1PCR


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