Short but sweet…

8th April 2015

After the excitement of the previous day two summit activation, I decided to finish the holidays with a final activation of Botley Hill G/SE-005 in Surrey.

IMG_2385 copy

The summit was about an hours journey on the M4/M25 and the car park on the “The Ridge” was easy to find. The 10 minute walk up the hill was very easy and you couldn’t possibly miss the summit with the radio and water tower. I was a little surprised that it seemed that access to the hill was across farmland and I wasn’t sure if I should enter the field next to the towers. Anyway I hopped over the gate and set up in the corner of the field across from the towers.

IMG_2396    IMG_2394
Unlike the previous days issues with internet access, I had no problem spotting myself on 20m. Once again for the next 10 minutes I managed 9 contacts all over Europe (including CU3AA in the Azores). After things dried up on 20, I ‘linked’ the dipole and got ready to have a go on 40.

IMG_2387    IMG_2389 copy

After editing my spot with the new frequency I called… and called… and called! Nothing! I then noticed that my Ft817 was showing a voltage of about 7.5 Volts!!! My batteries were flat. I had decided not to take the SLAB and was going to rely on the internal pack and my LiPo external. Unfortunately I had flattened the internal on 20m and the LiPo wasn’t charged!!!

IMG_2388 copy

My activation came to a premature end!

• Good accessible summit, not sure about the farmland?!!
• Charge your batteries!

73  Chris G1PCR


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